The Success for Women in Agri-food Program

Pricing: The Program - $400 (+GST&fees) Business Coaching Den - $600 (+GST&fees) When you register you will be given the option to add the Business Coaching Den (optional) to your program. You get a total estimated value of over $4000 for only $1000!

The Program - $400 (+GST&fees)
Business Coaching Den - $600 (+GST&fees)

When you register you will be given the option to add the Business Coaching Den (optional) to your program. You get a total estimated value of over $4000 for only $1000!

AFC is excited to announce the Success for Women in Agri-Food program.  This is a unique program available to women ag-entrepreneurs across rural Alberta, and across the agri-food value chain.  We invite you to participate whether you are in the dream stage, developing business, or in the growth or scale up stage.  From primary to production to value added and those who are food processing and selling into retail markets, rural Alberta women in business in agriculture and agri-food are welcome. 

When you register, you will have access to:

1.      GoForth 100 Essential Small Business Skills Learning Series – Immediately available when you sign up. Whether you have been in business a while, or you’re just contemplating getting started or anywhere in between, you will learn from the GoForth 100 Essential Small Business Skills Learning Series.  This exceptional learning program will provide you with foundational knowledge on all facets of business knowledge needed to run a successful business.  The learning series includes 10 videos on various business topics, a large number of templates you can use, a printed 500 + page manual for long term reference, and host of resources you can contact for more information in a needed area.

2.      Workshops in each location – To add to the value of the program, there will 3 in-person workshops to attend over the duration of the program facilitated by experts in their field.   These will be held in each location to build on the concepts learned as well as to network and learn from the other participants.  Topics will be business and/or policy related and will also provide an opportunity to engage in discussion. The third workshop topic to be addressed will be decided by the group in each location.  Here we will also strive to showcase woman ag-entrepreneurs at each workshop.

3.      Networking opportunities – Together, the workshops and virtual forums for discussion, will offer participants the opportunity to network with each other - to learn, share and grow their networks which is necessary in growing your business. 

4.      Mentorship Program – The value of role models has long since been established.  They represent the achievement of success and what people can aspire to, learn from, and hope to achieve themselves.  They are positive examples for others, to inspire them to act on their ideas, move forward, and take on challenges.  To address this need of mentors for woman ag-entrepreneurs, we are developing a mentorship component to the Success for Women in Agri-Food program,  to learn from women role models who overcame some of the same challenges up and coming ag-entrepreneurs face includinghow they captured opportunities in a sometimes male dominated industry. The desire to learn of those women ag-entrepreneurs and of their success stories was strongly communicated and we are striving to successfully address this barrier with a mentorship program.  

PLUS! Add this optional one-on-one Business Coaching Den!

Imagine having access to coaching from several industry experts – all at the same time! Imagine having customized coaching that helps you focus on the key success factors for your business! If you are starting a business, or if you want to enhance your existing business, the Business Coaching Den is a powerful program for you to use.

1.      How does it work? You will have an opportunity to talk with a panel of business experts about your company and one or two challenges you are facing. The experts will provide you with their comments and suggestions about ways to address your challenges and enhance your business.  Prior to meeting with the experts, you will receive one on one coaching from Corey Keith (of Keith and Associates – to help you prepare and to ensure you get maximum value from your time with the experts. After the meeting, you will receive a written overview of the experts suggestions as well as additional one on one coaching with Corey that will include developing strategies and an Action Plan for implementation.

This is an amazing opportunity that combines valuable individual coaching with access to a panel of experts. Here is what those that previously took advantage of a similar program had to say:

“The Business Den was a great experience that provided my company with incredibly valuable advice and focus. It really helped us enhance our business and move forward with confidence. Corey walked us through the entire process with excellent encouragement and advice. I highly recommend that anyone with access to this program take advantage of the opportunity!

“I’m really looking forward to the follow-up and developing a strategy for moving forward and Corey’s coaching to develop and implement that strategy.”

“I feel privileged to have the opportunity to solicit input from others.  Thank you!”

“Excellent format!”

“Working on the Action Plan revolutionized my approach to business.”

“Participation in the Business Den was a great opportunity!  We have gained so much to help us plan our next steps in becoming a successful Agri-Food Processor!  Thanks again to all involved!

“Building the Action Plan provided focus and rejuvenated my enthusiasm!”