New AFC Committees

With new projects, comes new ideas!

The following projects are looking for dedicated individuals to engage is the process. Each project is at a different stage, but we are using a Collective Impact model for all of our projects. Please contact if you are interested in learning more information.

Functional Food & Bioactives Network

VISION - The FFB Network’s primary directive is to play a pivotal role in cultivating Alberta’s value added products, functional food and bioactives sector by facilitating the development of novel, commercially viable technologies.

MISSION - To support Alberta's research community, industry, and other partners for the development of advanced technologies and value-added products in the energing functional foods and bioactives industries. 

Success 4 Women in Ag

In collaboration with key stakeholders, the Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta will carry out a review of various engagement models to identify promising practices, adapt and pilot an approach within five Alberta communities to create a new model for women to be more successful in participating in local food economies, increasing leadership roles of women farmers to fully participate in the public policy process.


Read the proposed outline for the project here.