Amy Zuck

President & CEO of Safety Buzz Ltd.


Amy was born and raised on a farm near Bonnyville Alberta.  This would set the stage for the rest of her life.  Being no stranger to hard work, dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit led Amy to start Safety Buzz Ltd at the age of 26.  She started as a one woman show and has expanded to 2 locations, over a dozen staff and an owner of 2 commercial buildings.  Like most businesses owners the path to success was not paved with gold.  Amy had watched her parents face ups and downs on the farm, she was bullied and picked on as a youth and faced many financial hardships as a business and commercial real-estate owner.  Amy has been blessed with various backgrounds of experience prior to becoming a business owner.  Most of the work positions Amy chose were male dominated such as farming, being a laborer and field/plant operator and now a business owner.  Amy has business education under her belt, she is a John Maxwell certified speaker, facilitator for many safety courses and a fourth class power engineer.

Two of Amy’s favorite phrases are “Don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest” and “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.  She lives by these motivations each and every day!

Amy loves to give back to the community, work with like-minded people and help those that could use a little boost.  Amy is a board member of Women In Business, HALO (Helicopter Air Lift Operation), member in good standing of 100 Women who Care, committee memberfor the CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineers) & MHCA (Medicine Hat Construction Association).  Amy was a past board member of both the Medicine Hat and Bonnyville Chamber of Commerce.  Zuk and her family have 2 World Vision children they sponsor, they are active member of the Dream Center Church and strong advocates for the Food Bank and Women’s Shelter.

Amy loves life, her spouse Sheldon, 3 year old son Ethan and 10 year old stepsons Hunter and Ryder.  Work life balance is absolutely necessary.  Amy makes sure she takes one day a week to work from home to also hang out with Ethan.  You can’t control time, YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR LIFE.  You can find Amy squeezing in exercise, travel and date nights to add to this balance.   Amy is a bit of a geek when it comes to professional and personal development.  She would rather listen to a motivational speaking or business coaching than music any day.

Amy’s life goal is to become a motivational speaker.  She is ecstatic to have the great opportunity to present for Success for Women in Agri-Food!

Presentation Summary

Becoming a Successful Woman in a Male Dominated Industry

Amy was always an outgoing girl and loved to be the center of attention until she was picked on and bullied in school.  Fortunately she grew up on a farm and learned firsthand from her dad the importance of hard work, adaptability, perseverance and risk taking.  Amy’s dad pushed her to believe she could do anything she set her mind to.  This upbringing set the stage for Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

Being a female business owner and possessing work positions in male dominated industries such as farming, construction, oilfield and sales …Amy is no stranger to the struggles that are often faced. 

Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit led her, at the age of 26 to start Safety Buzz as sole owner, instructor, bookkeeper, janitor……Although very busy Amy felt she had it made.  She was even able to hire staff to help out.

 In a matter of a couple years Amy world was crumbling before her eyes.  She was:

·         Getting divorced at a young age and judged by her small home town

·         Solely planning and financing a large commercial property

·         Moving to a new community and leaving her baby (Safety Buzz)

·         Planning to start up a second branch of Safety Buzz to fill the void of leaving

·         Becoming a stepmother and entering into a parental role

·         Losing a role model, mentor and loved male figure in her life….her dad

Although these experiences were tough, they were Amy’s reality and allowed her to rise above adversity.  Amy was faced with criticism, fear, financial constraints and a beat up ego! 

Having strong goals, perseverance, a great team/family and business network are what got Amy through this time and are what she attributes to her success.  As illustrated above, even amidst adversity the will to grow personally and professionally led Amy to complete her desired expansion of Safety Buzz with a commercial building and two locations.  This August despite the recession Amy grew more to became a John Maxwell certified speaker and  jumped in with both feet to expand Medicine Hat’s operations with more staff andpurchase/renovate the Buzz Campus in Dunmore with her spouse Sheldon. 

FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.  Many people, women and men alike are scared of the unknown.  Those that have the drive to look beyond the fear and persist are those that will move forward.

Being involved in the Agri-Food business, you ladies should be brimming with pride!  You are putting your heart and soul into something that has a large risk, but an enormous return of supplying food to the world!  Not much higher honor can be achieved.  As women we take on many responsibilities such as caregiving, running the household and running the farming operations (physical and business side of it). This may be done alone.  I applaud you for that. Family and work life balance is a struggle. Often we neglect ourselves. Use your network of like-minded people to provide support, mentorship and a helping hand.  Always remember you can’t control time. YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR LIFE!

“Behind every successful woman there are many unsuccessful years.  Just wanted to remind you as we go into a new week that today’s failures may eventually lead to tomorrows triumphs so please don’t ever downgrade your dreams to match your reality, upgrade your faith to match your destiny!”  Kimberley Stefanski