Small Business Gem in Northeastern Alberta

Calling all food sector entrepreneurs!  Portage College’s Food Science Centre has many tools that can help turn your home-kitchen based business into a thriving enterprise.  AFC staff recently toured the facility in St. Paul, Alberta.  This state of the art learning facility houses a two line commercial kitchen, meat processing lab, bakery lab, packaging lab, and a kettle lab.  There is also a specialized science lab to assist with the training and future research projects.  In addition, there are office suites that can be rented at a reasonable cost to help entrepreneurs ease into scaling up.  A common setback of many small businesses is that they take on too much space too quickly.  The Food Science Centre can help alleviate this by renting the space you need, when you need it.  Through the incubator program, you can produce large volumes of your product to build a solid base before making an investment into your own processing facilities.  In addition, there are opportunities to sell the goods you produce at the centre in the retail store on campus exposing your products to the community and providing one more point of sale.  Reuel Thomas, Industry Liaison Manager with Portage College said: “the food science centre at Portage College is the intermediate step between taking your cottage industry from the stovetop in your home, to commercialization at a place like the Leduc Food Processing Development Centre.  Clients can learn from College staff and confidently take their businesses to the next level.”   So if you’re ready for your product to hit the shelves, but need access to specialized equipment at a reasonable cost, contact the Food Science Centre today!

Portage College offers five Food Science programs that can help launch your small business: Culinary Arts Diploma, Food Processing Technician diploma, Institutional Cook Certificate, Baker Certificate and Meat Processing Certificate.  For more information on Portage College, please visit: