Bryanna at the Banff Centre - Social Innovation Residency

This was an invitation to a four week journey to learn more about self, systems, complexity, and social innovation. The journey began as 28 students and a handful of experts, teachers, guides came together at the Banff Centre. The program has been designed so that the participants take the time to learn about themselves and see how their life experiences, learnings, and views affect the system they are working in.

We began by learning about and delving into Calling: this is what I can do, and this is what the world is asking for. That place where the needs of the world come into alignment with your unique gifts and talents. Internal clarity meets external opportunity. Our next learnings have been modeledon the adaptive cycle which was derived from the study of dynamic ecosystems. It has four sections - release, exploration, reorganization, and conservation. Learning how we as individuals move through the cycle and how our organizations move through the cycle - learning that what came before is not a failure, but that new is an innovation.
When we begin to work in systems we need to be aware of a concept called bounded rationality - a concept that seems to make perfect sense in the scope you put it in but not in real life. Sometimes we miss the bigger picture because of out lens. We try to take complex systems and impose structure on them which tends to cause all kinds of problems. We have begun to look at our projects using systems maps finding the influencers that are both positive and negative and what impact they have on the system.

We used a technique called guided imaginary to look at where we are at in our lives, the larger story we are moving into, an obstacle we are facing, and a resource we can utilize. We spent some time looking at dreams how they work on a person and how you can use them to be changed by the tasks suggested in the dream. What if the projects we work on are not projects, but rather a dream we can share? Our journey moved to systems - how we see them, how we are in them. How changing something, just one thing can impact the larger system - how each of us can change a system.

Change is monumental - but where is the wolf?

Signing off for now...