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Agri-Processing Lenders Conference - Leduc

FOR FINANCIAL LENDERS: Agri-Processing Lenders Conference

November 19-20, Leduc

Past research has identified that many financial account managers in Alberta had a low level of understanding about the agri-food processing industry in Alberta and /or did not trust the industry to be a feasible medium risk option to diversity their credit portfolios. This conference is aimed at account managers of various financial institutions in Alberta that lend to the agri-processing industry with the goal of improving their level of understanding in assessing credit risk specifically for Alberta agri-food businesses.

Current issues, regulations, trends, expert opinions etc. specifically affecting credit risk in Alberta’s agri food processing area will be explored and using this new insight in combination with a custom built agri-processing credit risk tool participants will work through and analyse a real world Alberta agri-processing case study. By improving financial lender’s understanding and ability to properly assess credit risk specific to Alberta’s agri-processing industry our ultimate goal is to ensure that our agri-processing businesses have more opportunity to access capital.

To register for this conference, call the Ag-Info Centre at 1.800.387.6030.