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The Bumble Beets Way: A young farmer shares how to start and keep a CSA going

Join Sarah Preston of Bumble Beets Farm, a young farmer just in 2nd year of CSA. Four years ago, Sarah made the decision to start a CSA on her farm near Tofield. She started small by testing her CSA on a handful of friends, and grew each year. Sarah will talk about the ins and outs of getting started with CSA, growing your customer base, balancing production with marketing, and how to keep it all going year after year.

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It’s no secret, running a farm direct business means paying attention to many moving parts that often take you out of the field and into the office. That’s why we are hosting a series of webinars, geared to small to medium sized producers and processors that will help build savvy skills in marketing, staffing and generating new business.

Webinars are 60 minutes in length and include Q&A time.


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