Carla Rhyant is the Managing Director of Alberta Professional Outfitters Society and is a respected professional in her field, recognized for expanding the profile of non-profit organizations through solid programming, good communication and building a strong network of stakeholders. Rhyant is known within the non-profit sector for her experience in governance and policy development in a public setting. She is also the sole owner and operator of Rhyant Rock Farms, producing Soay and Katahdin sheep and chickens.

Rhyant, in working with producers and the agriculture research and extension organizations for over eight years, recognizes the demographics in agriculture and the complexity to the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs investing in the sector.

Rhyant currently serves as a Board member of Alberta Conservation Association, Canadian Federation of Outfitter Associations, and is Secretary-Treasurer of Alberta Agriculture and Food Council. Rhyant was the Co-Chair of the Next Generation Advisory Council,  served as a member of the Farm Safety Advisory Council, Board member on the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA), and Alberta Forage Industry Network (AFIN).