Raised by entrepreneurial parents who believed that all hands on deck meant no one was exempt from cleaning milk machines, pitching in to develop and operate the family business including Fifendekel Pie Shops Cafes in Edmonton or volunteering, Jacquie has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Her formal training includes a Bachelor of Education and a Commercial Copywriting Certificate. 

She taught junior and senior High school for over a decade, served as a Strathcona County councillor for over 13 years and as MLA for Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville.  She has operated the families group of companies and is actively involved in the business in the areas of marketing and public relations.

Jacquie currently serves as the chair for Elk Island Community Futures and as a director with Alberta Aquarium Society.  Her past board positons include the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions as well as local Ag society and sports boards. She has extensive committee experience on All-party committees of Public Accounts, Energy, and Communities and Families as well as a host of municipal committees including the Strathcona Agriculture Service Board where she served as chair for several terms.

Jacquie has a passion for promoting opportunities the agriculture industry presents through food, events and innovation.  Her knowledge of the food service industry and the potential to bring urban and rural Albertans together could benefit AFC.