Dr. David Lafond Bio

Dr. Lafond has almost 40 years of experience in food research and development.  He has founded a company, Lafond Food Technology LLC, which is focused on finding new technologies, validating those technologies from a technical and business standpoint, and recommending which to bring into client organizations to support their innovation pipeline. For the past 12 years he worked in this area for Kellogg Company. He is experienced in finding technologies or companies that can bring about new innovation opportunities, or accelerate existing innovation programs by finding the missing technology solution.  This includes establishing and managing external development of that solution as well as licensing-in technologies, partnerships, and joint development ventures.

Previously, he managed product development in several business units within the Kellogg Company and enhanced growth through many new product launches.  Prior to his 22 year career at Kellogg Company, he spent 18 years in the product development/R&D area working for Kraft, Quaker Oats and Keebler companies. He has earned a BS in Biochemistry from Iowa State University, an MS in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Illinois, an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School, and a PhD in Food Science from Michigan State University where he studied physical properties of fiber and related them in clinical work to hormonal signaling for appetite control.