I want to prepare charcuterie in my business. Where do I start?

The resources below are a great place to start. Contact your local public health officer for food safety information and follow CFIA guidelines on our safety page. AHS developed a Food Safety Course for Meat Processors containing valuable information. For hands on experience, register for our food safety course (coming soon).

How do I know if my product is safe?

Following CFIA regulations and taking the AHS Food Safety for Meat Processors should minimize chances of bacterial growth. However, when working with cured and fermented meats, there always is a risk. If you suspect humidity, temperature, air circulation, formulation, and any other factors that compromised your product it's best to avoid consumption. When in doubt, throw it out.

Will the course be offered again?

We hope to offer the course again, either later this year or next year. If you are interested sunscribe to news from the Niche Meat Processor Network.

How do I find butchers/processors who produce fermented and dry cured meat?

There is no definitive list because it all depends on the butcher/processor. The best would be to call and see if they ferment and/or dry cure. These processes can take a while and they may elect to process meat this way during certain times of the year. To assist you on that search the link for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Food Safety Branch interactive online map of provinicially licensed abattoirs and mobile butchers is in the resources below.


* Follow CFIA regulations when using/developing recipes or when using any of these resources

Business Information

*The Food & Drug Administration is CFIA recommended as it contains valuable information, but terms, measurements and procedures mentioned may not correspond with Canadian regulations.

Meat Processing Supplies

Find casings, curing salts, pH meters, water activity meters, starter cultures. environmental control devices, twine and netting, etc. to help you start fermenting and dry curing meats

AFC is not affiliated with any author, chef, book, app, or blog listed below. There is good information in these resources, but ensure you follow CFIA regulations outlined in Chapter 4, Alberta Health Services Meat Processors Online Course and stay tuned for information about our hands on learning course.

General Information and Recipe Books

Charcuterie Blogs


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