Membership in AFC provides access to a diverse global community of organizations, services and events for those interested in developing and growing their business. 

Explore Membership Category Options

Organizational Membership - Companies in this category are directly involved in the agriculture and food sector and have a product/service offering, the resources, and commitment to grow their business. This category is ideal for small and medium enterprises looking to develop and grow their business locally and internationally. 

Affiliate Membership - Companies or organizations that provide services supporting the efforts of organizational members. This category is ideal for service providers and industry stakeholders.

Individual Membership - As an individual interested in strengthening, promoting and encouraging growth in the value added agrifood industry, this membership provides you access to information, resources and discounts at industry events. 

C2C Membership - The C2C membership option is offered to AFC organizational members who are involved in exporting and have the product/service offering, the resources and an engaged commitment to pursue the Chinese market. The category is ideal for companies aggressively seeking new business internationally. The C2C membership is available at an additional fee to the organizational membership investment fee. 


  • Business Opportunities - access to foreign buyers, incoming buyers, and trade missions
  • Mentorship Opportunities - participate in our senior leaders mentorship program
  • Added Capacity - use AFC as your back of house services provider so you can focus on running your business
  • Visibility - AFC markets member capabilities, products and services throughout the world 
  • Expertise - direct assistance to knowledge and advice on scaling your business
  • Information - custom market intelligence
  • Network Building - access to our contacts and global partners
  • Training - events, seminars, workshops and presentations on a variety of topics
  • Access to Benefits - access our affordable health and dental benefits plan

Member Benefits

  • Access to training and events at member rates
  • Corporate profiling
  • Individualized export market advice and guidance
  • Access to health and dental benefits plan
  • Access to office and meeting room space
  • Introduction of members and their product/service to prospective contacts
  • Qualified leads

With coworking packages you'll get all the benefits of community and exclusive AFC programs, plus access to Food Central Cowork which gives you access to a dedicated community manager, meeting rooms, office space, highspeed internet, member rates on events, photocopy and printers, mail boxes, and use of the community kitchen. Once you purchase an AFC membership you will be eligible to add one workspace.