The Niche Meat Processor Network is designed to bring industry together and collectively enhance food safety when it comes to the preparation of charcuterie style meat. Old world preparation and preserving is becoming more and more popular, but our current health standards don't always apply to curing and fermenting meat. With this network, we'll ensure producers, processors, butcher shops, and abattoirs have the resources, information, and support they need to produce a delicious, but ultimately safe product.


  • Food safety regulations around cured meat will be known and presented in a course for producers of these meats
  • The Agriculture & Food Council (AFC) will foster connections; ensuring resources and support exists within the network for charcuterie style meat production
  •  AFC will bring different facets of the industry including Alberta Health Services, culinary schools, abattoirs, butcher shops, and any person/business dabbling in cured and fermented niche meat markets

Bringing industry together to enhance food safety

Find out what people are saying about the course offered through the Niche Meat Processor Network:

"I appreciated the mix of hands on and theoretical course work. The demonstrations made the theory much clearer. The blend of industry and regulatory students provided different perspectives on meat processing which was interesting."

"Answered a lot of questions about CFIA regulations and how to operate safely."

"I really enjoyed the excitement of the team. It kept it interesting since everyone was so passionate about what they were doing."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is on my top 5 list for the courses I've taken over the past 40 years."

"I liked that it described all major concepts, great information, the booklet is amazing, loved the hands-on approach. The lunches were great and loved the recipes given."

"I appreciated the fact that we could get input and feedback on our own plant processes."

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