As the long-awaited harvesting season is approaching, reports on crop standing have already been released by the authorities. Based on the reports as of October 4th, the percentage of crop yields varied across the region. The major crops which the province is known to produce are Wheat (yielding 52.9 to 63 bushels an acre), Canola (yielding 38.2 bushels an acre), and Barley (yielding about 75 bushels an acre).

Since the dryland yields is varying throughout the province of Alberta, it is relatively normal to have these five major crops go a bit lower than the 10-year average. It is not a drastic change and it affected only the southern and northwestern parts of the province. In comparison, the yields were higher in the northeast—reaching up to seven percent, and in its center—reaching up to fifteen percent way more than the previous reports on the 10-year average yields. Provincial estimates are still set to change since the harvesting is still not a hundred percent complete. 

Given that the dryland yields were at approximately five to six percent more than the average over the past ten years, it can be concluded that the growth in Alberta’s farming industry is undeniable.

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