Selling crops is not an easy process. Gathering permits and maintaining crop quality to reach government standards are the biggest factors why farming can be costly. For agribusiness owners, transacting with trusted crop buyers is a normal part of their day-to-day operations. Changes only happen if an unlicensed crop buyer comes in for a transaction.

According to Alberta Financial Services Corp., a business is allowed to sell crops to an unlicensed buyer as long as the necessary protocols are followed. A business willing to transact with these types of buyers must consider securing production insurance first. This is to protect the workers and the business itself from liability claims. It is important that prior to selling to an unlicensed crop buyer, the business owner should ask for assistance and consultation from Alberta Financial Services Corp. first.

Crops can be sold either prior to the crop itself being removed or selling it directly from the field. Most of the time, consumers will only be required to acquire a documentary permit (primary elevator license or terminal elevator license) from the Canadian Grain Commission to proceed in purchasing crops. However, transacting with unlicensed crop buyers has different statutes to follow. 

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