What could be better than that freshness from food that’s meticulously harvested and directly delivered to your doorstep? 

Mama Earth Organics is a food-delivery company based in Ontario that aims to promote local food purchases. They are currently in partnership with local farmers and organic food producers. They have an online marketplace where customers may place their orders. Some may misunderstand local food as literally just fresh vegetables and crops. 

While yes, you may purchase direct goods (customized organic produce baskets) as is on Mama Earth Organics’ online supermarket, they also offer meals made from fresh organic produce. Customers may choose from a wide array of food choices: pastries, home-cooked meals, dry pantry products, dairy, and even fancy chef-prepared dishes. 

Unlike other food delivery that knocks on your door in just 10-15 minutes, ordering local food can take up to 48 hours to arrive from harvest. It may take a while, but it is also an assurance that your order is specially made for you and is freshly harvested as per your request.

If you’re done dealing with fast-food take-outs and your instant meals, why not shift to local food? It is guaranteed to be healthy, and fresh, and on top of that, you’ll be contributing big to the sustainability of the environment.

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