One of the biggest energy sources in Canada Today is nuclear energy. Managing waste from energy sources may take a lot of work. All types of energy leave residue and waste, but among them, nuclear energy is the only industry that has a local waste management system.

According to Laurie Swami, the CEO of Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Canada’s plan is working to save future generations from the problem of managing nuclear waste. Plans, for now, may be short-term, but rest assured that nuclear wastes are being properly managed all throughout its entire lifecycle. 

The proposal to dig up a geological repository with the capacity to hold the aggregate nuclear waste in the country is being pushed through by the NWMO.  The purpose of this repository is to isolate the nuclear waste and residue to provide a safer environment. 

It will be a large investment for the government given that the infrastructure plan is set to have a lifespan of 150 years and can cost the government approximately $26B. By 2023, the NWMO already plans to select a perfect site for the said repository. However, this still needs to be studied thoroughly before the plan can be executed.

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