Alberta Innovates is an agency that aims to advance Alberta’s agriculture through the help of technology. According to Natisha Stashko, PhD, the executive director of Alberta Innovates, having farming operations adapt to today’s advanced tech is a way to reduce cost, increase production rates, and address shortages in terms of labor. Their company is planning to expand their innovation from the province of Alberta, then all throughout Canada.

Given that the agri-food industry is one of the biggest economic drivers in Alberta, it is about time for farmers to innovate and adapt to today’s changing needs and wants. Farming today is way more advanced than when it started generations ago—from manual labor to farming vehicles, and now, to smart technology. Alberta Innovates has started providing lectures and support to local farmers on how they can start their modern approach to farming.

Smart Agriculture crosses the bounds of traditional farming and modern equipment. It introduces new methods of hybrid farming, crop planning, fertilizing schedules and a lot more day-to-day agricultural activities through the use of smart techs such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Automation, and Digital Solutions. Keeping the Agricultural sector up to date with technological advancement can benefit not just farm owners in the long run, but the whole community as well.

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