The entire agri-food industry is anchored on the soil quality in the country. Recently, there has been a problem with maintaining soil moisture levels in different parts of the country. Drought is likely to happen if this continues.

Luckily, there are organizations that are keen on studying soil science and are committed to maintaining good-quality soil. The Greenbelt foundation is basically the guardian of Ontario’s so-called Greenbelt—it is the most biologically-diverse area in the country. In promoting soil health, farmers should learn proper methods of shifting crops, planting, and choosing fertilizers. 

Soil is a very delicate resource that needs as much attention as water. Poor soil quality will affect the food supply and may cause trouble both for the economy and the environment. The Greenbelt foundation aims to protect soil viability. Through this, they can help farm businesses improve and it can also benefit the food industry. 

Maintaining the quality of the soil doesn’t have to cost much. When done properly and regularly, organic fertilizers such as natural farm waste and residue can be used. In fact, most farms do not use chemically induced fertilizers because they believe that organic fertilizers make the best quality produce.

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