Currently, the agricultural sector in Canada is undeniably affected by climate change. Crop yields are descending, soil moisture levels continue to dwindle, and harvesting rates are lower compared to the previous years. It is a good thing that the agri-food sector can still save the economy and bounce it all back.

One way of supporting the agricultural sector is investing in plant-based foods. It will benefit not just personal health, wealth, and sustainability, but of the community as well. Protein Industries Canada started the movement for a greener economy. They are in collaboration with farmers, organic food producers, and local consumer groups. 

Plant-based foods are now widely-known and accepted in the food industry. In fact, there are a lot of meat products that can be easily replicated and innovated with plant-based ingredients without compromising the taste or its looks. It even provides better nutrient content and it can cost lesser too.

According to Bill Greuel, the CEO of Protein Industries Canada, deciding to replace meat in one’s diet is already a big step forward in reducing greenhouse emissions. Their company aims to encourage the food industry to create more plant-based food choices to offer to consumers. If these products become more accessible in the market, there is a huge chance of improving the current state of the agricultural sector.

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